Bringing an Idea to Life

Do you have an idea? Are you in the early stages of invention and product development? Are you lost about how to make it a reality? Do you know how to protect your idea? Don't give up on your amazing idea or product because of inexperience or the lack of resources to create what you envision. We understand the ins and outs of product design, product development, and intellectual property protection with respect to patents, trademarks and copyrights. Whether you are an individual or represent a company, we can help you move from idea and product development to profiting from your product!

With over 35 years of experience in multiple disciplines, we are able to help individuals and companies with the product development. We know how to evolve a product in a manner that will maximize your profit and protect your ideas.

What is the Invention Development Process?

An Idea Versus an Invention: Moving through the Invention Development Process

The terms idea and invention are often confused. Simply put, an idea is a thought, a dream, a plan or suggestion. An idea exists within the mind, and often never comes to fruition. Turning an idea into a product is the invention development process. An invention is a device, process, or method that is unique. We know how to develop an idea into an invention. The invention development process takes an idea from a simple concept and makes it an actual product. Your creativity and our experience can bring innovations and progress to the market.

For us, the Invention Development Process consists of these four primary steps which we call the 4Ds:

Dream It:

your idea is given birth

Document It:

giving a reality to your idea

Discuss It:

determine if your idea truly has a place in the marketplace now

Decision It:

choose whether to move forward with idea or leave it for another time

If you have not already worked through these steps to assess its viability in the market now, we will sit down with you to work through these four steps. We want to help you make the best possible decision.

What Is Product Development?

The process of bringing a product to market is called product development. We help you through the many stages of the product development process, taking the necessary considerations for the manufacturing side of the process. Type G Engineered Development understands the importance of introducing innovative products to the marketplace which are manufacturing capable.

The Stages of the Product Development Process

Type G Engineered Development understands that your product may require fewer or additional steps, depending on your market and your current stage of development in the process. Each step may not be required and the process is customized to each product. The three primary stages are as follows:


This is the actual birth of the idea, which may occur in a single moment or through years of market research. The 4Ds mentioned above in the Invention Development Process are what is required in this stage of the process.

During this stage, market research is conducted to determine what else is similar in the market today or if a patent has been issued, the pricing target is formulated. Frequently, a 3D digital model will be created using Computer Assisted Design (CAD) so that together we can assess the features we are providing to the public. The graphics we create from the digital model can be shared with trusted associates, possibly an Intellectual Property Attorney to determine its likelihood of success.


The second stage is the building of a prototype of your idea. From the 3D digital model created in the first stage, we can move forward using a variety of processes to construct your model. Depending upon your needs at this stage, we will suggest the most cost effective strategy with which to proceed.

This is also the stage at which we work out all of the “kinks” of the product and the associated processes for manufacture.  We will work with you to develop the proper requirements to meet your customer’s needs. We can make the necessary arrangements for preliminary product testing to assure conformance to these requirements.

For some of our clients, this may be their final step as they pursue the sale or licensing of their product. If they have taken the necessary steps to secure the intellectual property rights to their product or process, the creation of a professional looking prototype may be all that is required for you to complete a sale.


The third and final stage of the product development process is putting your product or process into production. If it has been determined that production of your product is required, if you do not already have the resources available, we will work with you to connect you with the best local resources possible. Type G Engineered Development will walk along side you to guide you through the manufacturing process, the packaging process and all necessary logistics. We can also provide the guidance for the final conformance testing to assure you that your product is ready to meet the market!

Whether this is your first product or your fiftieth, we can help you properly make it through the product development process. It is important to turn to a company with experience to learn how to develop a product. Your innovative products could lead you or your business to long-lasting financial success. Manufacturing is our specialty. The best way to develop a product is to hire professionals that have experience in the field.

Invention & Product Development Services for Individuals and Companies

We serve both individuals and companies. Often, individuals do not have experience to know how to develop an idea into a product. Companies may find their resources stretched when they have to invest time, personnel and money into product development with which they may not have sufficient experience. From basic design to prototyping to intellectual property protection to manufacturing, we have the experience to turn your ideas into reality.

Your idea may be a simple innovation or a world-changing product.

Type G Engineered Development provides you with the personal attention you deserve. We invest our time and energy into moving your ideas forward.

If you are short on development resources, do not know how to develop a product or you have an idea that you need to turn into a reality, Type G Engineered Development can help you!

Contact us today to discuss our product development services.